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What to Consider When Mounting a TV Above a Fireplace [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on January 8, 2019

While there may be a large debate about mounting a TV above the fireplace, it might be the only option you have in your space for a TV. Or, maybe you...

How to Set Up a 5.1 Surround Sound System [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on May 30, 2017

Having a movie theater feel in your living room isn’t as complicated as you may think. It’s actually pretty simple. You can get a 5.1 surround sound...

Cutting the Cord. Here's What You Need to Go Cable Free [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on May 16, 2017

Gone are the days of having a bulky media cabinet to hold all of your cable components and TV (thank goodness). In fact, you may consider taking that...

The SANUS Swiveling TV Base Is the Next Best Thing to Mounting Your TV [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on March 28, 2017

As nice as it is to have a landlord take care of all your housing needs like mowing the lawn or fixing the sink, one frustration of renting is that...

The Perfect Pair: SANUS Swiveling TV Base and Sonos PLAYBASE [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on March 22, 2017

The release of the first new product from Sonos® since 2013 has generated a great deal of excitement. This new home theater speaker is called the ...

Expert's Guide on How to Reduce TV Glare [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on February 23, 2017

Your family is finally all in one place ready to watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see for months. You have popcorn and an abundance of snacks ...

What to Consider Before Mounting Your TV Above a Fireplace [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on December 21, 2016

Often times, the best place to mount a TV in the family room is above a fireplace. This does however come with it’s own set of challenges. When...

Problem: The Only Place To Put My TV Is In the Corner, Now What?

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on August 2, 2016

It's the question we always ask ourselves: Where do I put my TV? Figuring out where to put the television in a living room can be a little tricky. If...

AV Racks Systems 101: How Do I Choose The Right AV Rack?

Posted by Ryan Hagberg on July 21, 2016

Welcome to part two of AV Rack Systems 101. In this series of posts we sit down with SANUS Product Manager, Rob Zurn. As an experienced professional...