Written by Ryan Hagberg on February 23, 2017

Your family is finally all in one place ready to watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see for months. You have popcorn and an abundance of snacks for a movie theater-like experience, except one thing is wrong...you can hardly see the screen because of TV glare created by windows or lights in your living room.

People on one side of the room can watch it perfectly while the other side of the room struggles to see the screen. This can cause some annoyance, however if you follow a couple of simple tips, TV glare won’t be an issue disrupting your viewing pleasure.


Be Observant of Your Surroundings

First thing to consider when getting rid of TV glare is to analyze the room. Take notice of where the light sources are coming from. Is there a giant bay window that lets sunlight through in the morning hours? Or does your windows face the west, where you’ll be getting light during the afternoon/evening hours?

Also, what type of lights do you have in the room? These are all important things to consider when deciding if you should mount your TV or which wall to choose if you do.  

Lose The Reflections

TV glare can be fixed with a simple wall mount with the capabilities to either tilt up and down, or swivel left to right.

If your light sources are above you or behind your viewing angle, consider a wall mount that can tilt up or down.

If you have a low fixed window allowing light to come in from the side, you’ll need to look at a mount that can swivel left to right. Simple enough, right?

Don’t miss out on seeing that game-changing play or the dramatic chase scene because you don’t have the capabilities to reduce TV glare with your wall mount. Now that you've decided on your spot in your living room and what mount you will use, see how easy it is to mount your television!

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