Written by SANUS on December 28, 2016

Often, when people consider mounting their TVs, they hesitate because they aren't sure what to do with the cords that come down from behind the television. So how do you manage those cables? How do you keep those wires from becoming an eyesore? Don't worry, we have five tips to hide those ugly cords after you mount your TV.

Cord-Hiding Tip 1: Accessorize

If you already have a TV Stand or media console for storing media, you can cover up the dangling TV wires with some artfully arranged accessories. Chances are, you'll already use the surface to display a stack of books, a vase, photographs or artwork, so why not arrange your decor to cover the cords?

Cord-Hiding Tip 2: Channel through Tunnels

Maybe you consider a huge plant or tower of books hanging out under your TV to be awkward. If that's the case, purchase cable tunnels and hide cables on wall by channeling your cords from the TV to your media or outlets. They can even be painted or cut, so you can route your wires in multiple directions.

PRO TIP: If you have your TV mounted above a fireplace, you can channel the cables along the side of the fireplace. 

Cord-Hiding Tip 3: Conceal with Fashion

For a mod look, create a floor-to-ceiling fabric panel to hide TV wires. Cut a hole in the fabric for your mount, and then mount the TV on top of the panel. Try a bright pattern to make a statement, or choose a color complimentary to your wall color for faux-architectural interest.

Cord-Hiding Tip 4: Build a Wall

If you've got the time and ability — and you don't mind a permanent change to your home — you can build a DIY shiplap wall. It's definitely the most work, but if you love the style and you're dedicated to getting it finished, building this rustic addition might be your best solution.

Cord-Hiding Tip 5: Hide the Cords Inside Your Walls

Hiding wires in wall is easier than you think! (Not to mention less invasive than constructing a whole new wall.) After using a stud finder to identify any wall obstructions, determine your TV wall mount bracket location. Next use the template included with the In-Wall Cable Management System to mark where you will be removing sheet rock and carefully saw. Start with the PowerOut panel and then repeat the process by the base of the wall with the PowerIn panel. Once both panels are in place, thread the cords and then mount your TV. It's really that easy!

With an in-wall box, you'll have a low profile TV mount that allows you to place your television as close to the wall as possible.

Looking for more tips on how to hide wall mounted TV cords? Check out this video on hiding TV and component cables

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