Written by SANUS on November 29, 2016

While technology has evolved to include state of the art remote controls and wireless options for speakers, we still find ourselves plugging the TV into the wall. So after you've mounted your TV, you're probably looking for ways to hide TV cords. Without further ado, here are two great options for hiding your wires. 


1. On Wall Cable Management System

This is the easiest way to hide TV cables. It is a tunnel that houses your cables, equipped with adhesive that allows you to stick it right to the wall. The tunnel is paintable and becomes virtually invisible when matched to the wall color behind it. This is a great option if you are looking for a quick and simple fix and want to hide TV cords without cutting the wall. 

2. In Wall Cable Management System

If you are a little bit handy and looking for a clean, finished look, try hiding TV wires behind the wall with an in wall cable management system. This system includes a recessed wall outlet for behind the TV and one for further towards the floor, meant to hide behind whatever piece of furniture holds your other components. The recessed outlet boxes create additional space allowing your TV and media furniture to be positioned closer to the wall. You create a chase behind the wall connecting the boxes with a clickable connection. All the cables disappear from behind the TV. 

Complete your TV mount install by hiding your cables properly. Both of these options provide a clean, sleek look for your TV system.

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