Written by SANUS on February 16, 2017

Mounting your flat-screen TV on the wall can dramatically improve viewing quality and flexibility. But wall mounts are also valuable safety features. If you have kids or pets (or you tend to be a bit clumsy at times), read on to learn how wall mounts can give you peace of mind.

TVs from the “olden days” of cathode ray tubes were huge. Bulky and super-heavy. They could do significant harm if they fell on someone, but their chunky shape generally prevented such an accident. Today’s TVs are entirely different – slender and surprisingly lightweight. But with their small stands, they tend to be “tipsy,” especially the larger screens.

And although new models aren’t nearly as heavy as their predecessors, a falling TV could still seriously injure or even kill a child or pet. In fact,  a CPSC report found that between 2004 and 2014, every 45 minutes, an emergency room somewhere in America treated a child injured by a falling TV.

What Can You Do?

If your TV sits on an entertainment center or other furniture, you can easily anchor the TV to the wall. The SANUS ELM 701 Anti-Tip Strap is inexpensive and easy to install. However, large pieces of furniture present their own problems. They can fall over, too -- especially if they have drawers or doors kids can open and then pull or climb on. We’ve all seen the recent stories in the news about children being badly injured in just this way. The great thing about the anti-tip strap is that it can secure both your flat-screen and your furniture to the wall. No need to worry, it is very strong, the same material used for the strap is the same material used to harness bungee jumpers.

The Best Solution: Wall Mounts

TV mounts rely on the strength of studs in your wall to hold up the TV. SANUS mounts are tested to 4 times the rated weight capacity in the box – which basically means ‘your TV ain’t going nowhere ya’ll.’ SANUS makes the process SO EASY to install the product the RIGHT WAY so you can feel confident. Our customer care team is comprised of installation experts - they will literally walk you through an installation if needed! Strapping your TV to a piece of furniture and/or the wall might work OK, but let’s face it: it won’t look as pretty as a sleek mounted TV. Besides, attaching your TV in this way doesn’t give you all the benefits of an enhanced viewing experience and flexibility like mounting your TV does. SANUS wall mounts offer the best option for many situations. There are different types of mounts, sized to fit your TV.

You can also use wall mounts to house your components and accessories. You can install a streaming device panel to the back of the TV to hide small streaming components like an Apple TV or Roku, keeping them out of sight and making your space more organized and safe. As a parent, you may be asking, “But what about the cords and cables?” The last thing you want is kids pulling on them or youngsters and frisky pets getting tangled in them. No worries! There are ways to hide those cords and remove the temptation of playing with them, after you mount your TV on the wall.

Wall Mounts Give Your Room an Aesthetic Boost, Too

While safety is certainly important, you want to get maximum viewing pleasure from your TV, too. SANUS wall mounts allow you to position your screen so it’s just right for watching TV shows and movies or playing games. You can also transform your entire living room or media room aesthetic. Check out these TV wall design ideas.

With the right wall mounts, you can get the most from your TV, confident it’s located out of harm’s way.

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