Written by Mark Plummer on May 26, 2016

What to do with your tv cables

So, you just mounted your TV to the wall (awesome). Now, you have a plethora of cables dangling from it (yuck). Today I'll show you two easy ways to hide cables on wall mounted TVs and component power cords.

On Wall Cable Management

An on wall cable management system is a great "quick fix" solution for hiding TV wires, and cords from gaming systems, the cable box and whatever else completes your AV system. Imagine a slender plastic "tunnel" that runs alongside the wall and contains all the cables neatly inside. This easy-to-install cable management system from SANUS has built-in cable clips that hold up to eight cables -- perfect for set-ups with power cords and multiple AV components like Blu-ray players and streaming devices like Roku or Apple TVs. You can even cut and paint the plastic cable cover to match the color of your wall -- how handy!

Out of the box, the cable management system is 4' in length, which easily covers a typical set-up of a TV mounted above a piece of media furniture. The cable cover easily attaches to the clips on the wall for a secure installation. At my house, we had already mounted a TV in our bedroom, so installing a cable cover was a great solution because we didn't need to detach the TV from the mount -- we simply installed the cable cover and voila!

The whole process took me less than an hour and even with me being overly meticulous during every step. I plan to paint the covers the next time I paint the wall, which will make them almost invisible. See for yourself how easy is it to hide cables on wall with an on wall cable management system in your home. Download our quick-install guide with step-by-step instructions for installing the SANUS SA304 cable management system.

In-Wall Cable Management

Now that you've learned what on wall cable management systems are all about, let's talk about a close relative: in wall cable management systems. If you want a completely concealed look, then an in wall cable system is the solution for you. Hide TV wires in the wall with the SANUS ELM806. The beauty of putting your cables directly in the wall behind the TV is that they will be completely hidden. Even cooler? This product does not require you to deal with pulling your own electrical. No need to touch your electrical cables behind the wall -- yep, you read right.

Power connectors ensure a simple snap connection for easy installation without the need for an electrician. Essentially, you place an "outlet" behind your TV to plug your TV power cord into, and it has a spot to route your HDMI cables from behind the TV, through the wall, and out of the bottom receptacle. Then you just use the included power cord to plug into an existing outlet and you plug your HDMI cables into your components. Easy peasy.

There is also a template included in the box so you can cut the perfect size hole to insert this product for a clean look. Even a beginner do-it-yourselfer can install this system with no problems, but these are also popular with professional installers as well. Is the SANUS ELM806 in wall cable management system the right choice for you? Download our simple step-by-step instruction manual.

You now have two awesome solutions for hiding TV cords. The only question left is, which solution you will choose? Let me know. I'd love to hear your comments. Looking for more information? Check out this video on how to hide TV cables

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