Written by SANUS on January 26, 2017

Tick tock. The Big Game is February 5. If you’re hosting the party, is your place championship-ready? There’s still time to sharpen your Game Day gameplan. Here’s a party checklist you can use to make sure you don’t overlook any of the essentials – for entertaining your friends and enjoying the Big Game.

Start with the TV

Whether your TV room is sporting a brand new big-screen or you’ll be making due with a more modest screen size, your TV has to be positioned so all your guests have a great view. Wall-mounting is the answer.

SANUS offers multiple TV mounting options — full-motion, tilting or fixed-position — depending on your specific space requirements, viewing challenges such as glare, and child safety or other issues. Our MountFinder reference chart shows the benefits of each mount style, so you can easily compare them.

How high should you mount your TV? Check out this advice-filled video, then use our handy SANUS height-finder tool as a guide. SANUS also has solutions to avoid unsightly cables, too.

If you have extra speakers, why not position them around your TV room using SANUS stands? The “surround sound” effect will give your gang that in-stadium feeling (without the high ticket prices).

Football Food

Avid football fans need nourishment to make it through the game. You can show off your culinary skills, lighten the load by making your party a potluck, or ordering in a load of pizzas. Nothing says big game more than a variety of appetizers and snacks that take the place of a traditional meal. Check out our Pinterest board for delicious and easy game day food options that are sure to be crowd pleasers: crock pot queso, muffuletta pizza rolls, sheet pan nachos, sweet and salty snack mix and more.  Shop or place your orders early, before the pickings get slim.

Bring the Beverages

Hydrated fans are happy fans. Make sure you have plenty of beer, wine, soda, water, and/or mixed drink materials on hand. Even better, make it a BYOB event.

The Functional Stuff

Need extra chairs, floor pillows, etc. for seating? Ask guests to help you out. And speaking of functional, don’t forget extra toilet paper and hand towels for the bathroom. Nobody wants to run to the store for extras while the game is on!

The Fun Stuff

Show your true colors, with game-themed decorations. Inflatable footballs, football-shaped balloons, streamers, banners, the works. Expecting a one-team partisan crowd? Decorate with your team’s colors. A split crowd? Use both team’s colors. To get some fun competition going and keep potential food comas at bay, try incorporating a game of football or commercial bingo into your game-watching experience. This will especially help keep the game interesting if your team isn't playing or the game ends up turning into a blowout.

Want your party to be one for the record books? Be over-prepared. Determine how much of every item you’ll need. Then buy or make more than that. It won’t do to run out of food or drinks. And who wants to spend halftime washing dishes that are in short supply?

Party on. And may the best team win!

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