Written by SANUS on December 6, 2016

TV height can be tricky and intimidating when you are drilling holes and mounting the TV on the wall. You want to get it right the first time so you don’t have to put another set of holes in the wall.


Because our heights vary when we stand, our eye levels also vary greatly. Fortunately, this difference is greatly reduced when we are sitting, making it easier to find the right height for our television. Forty-two inches from the floor to the center of the television is optimal viewing height. 

SANUS HeightFinder Tool  

SANUS offers a HeightFinder Tool to help you figure out the right height for your situation. You input the type of TV and the mount, and then the tool tells you where to drill holes for the bracket. The HeightFinder Tool takes the guesswork out of mounting your TV at the optimal level.

Consider Your Furniture Layout

When mounting a TV in the living room or bedroom, be sure to consider the furniture. If you have a dresser or an armoire in your bedroom, your TV may have to be mounted higher on the wall in which case a tilting mount would help you achieve the right viewing angle.

Give our Height Finder Tool a try today and take the guesswork out of mounting your TV!

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