Written by Victoria Francisco on July 11, 2018

Sometimes you have to get creative when it comes to TV placement. Like in our tiny room where we enjoy our favorite shows, but lack the space to keep a TV on a piece of furniture. So how are you supposed to cook dinner and continue your latest Netflix binge all at the same time?!

Or maybe you’re working out in a small room in your basement and want to watch the 5 o’clock news...either way, you need the flexibility (not just in your workout) and that’s where you can mount a TV in a corner, making it the perfect solution. With a mounted TV’s ability to tilt and swivel, it’s the complete answer to your lack-of-space problems.

Corners may not immediately come to mind when considering where to mount your TV, but they are actually a great space-saving solution for small rooms – or any room really.


Not As Scary As It Looks

Mounting a television is not as intimidating as it seems. You’re actually mounting the TV to the studs nearest to the corner. (The mounts shown in the video are the OLF18 and OLF15 full-motion mounts.) That way, you have a sturdy foundation for your mount. You can then swivel your TV so that it looks like it is directly in the corner. Pretty easy, eh?

Every Corner Covered

The full motion mounts allow for you to tilt, extend and swivel in any direction. So when you realize you stopped paying attention to the oven and the pizza is burning, quickly adjust your TV so that you can still catch the finale of the show while you wave the towel above your head trying to stop the smoke alarm. We’ve all been there!

We Have The Information

We have all the tools and tips to make the installation process easy. We can’t stop anyone from using the stud-finder to label themselves a stud, but we can help you find the studs in your walls, which can sometimes be the toughest part of the whole process. Once you have mounted your TV in the corner, the next step is to hide those ghastly cords, so check out the different tips on how to manage your cables both in and out of wall.

So don’t waste that counter space on a television when you have four corners in your room that are perfectly convenient for mounting a TV.

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