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TV MountFinder: How to Be Sure a Mount Will Fit Your TV [VIDEO]

Posted by Jake Lindstrom on September 5, 2017

Are you looking to mount a TV, but don’t know which mount will fit? Picking a TV mount won’t feel overwhelming when you use our SANUS TV MountFinder...

The SANUS Out-of-Box Experience: Unpacking Your TV Mount [VIDEO]

Posted by Jake Lindstrom on August 15, 2017

So you’ve decided to take on a new project and finally mount your TV on the wall. You may be nervous that when you get the TV mount home, that it’s...

How to Create an At-Home Workout Space [VIDEO]

Posted by Jake Lindstrom on June 8, 2017

Let’s face it: Getting to the gym just isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ve worked all day and the last thing you want to do is go to a packed gym...

Why Use A Drilling Template When Mounting Your TV [VIDEO]

Posted by Jake Lindstrom on March 9, 2017

When mounting your TV, a drilling template can really simplify the process and help guarantee that you are drilling holes in the right spot on the...

Easy Tool Tutorials: How To Use A Drill [VIDEO]

Posted by Jake Lindstrom on February 14, 2017

So you've found your wall studs, now you're ready to drill. Holding a power tool can be a very intimidating thing. Especially when drilling holes to...

How to Find Studs — Easy Tips for a New Homeowner [VIDEO]

Posted by Jake Lindstrom on January 19, 2017

Hanging anything on the wall can be a stressful process. If you put something in the wrong spot, you are then left with a gaping screw or nail hole...

Ultimate Man Cave Ideas: 5 Tips for Upgrading Your Space

Posted by Jake Lindstrom on October 13, 2016

Man caves have come a long way since guys started putting projection TVs in the basement and hanging framed jerseys on the wall. Now they’re...