Where to Put Your TV in an Open Concept Floor Plan

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If you own an old house, your rooms are probably well-defined. Each one is a separate space, created for some specific type of activity. Newer...

TV Viewing Distance: TV Size vs. Couch Position [VIDEO]

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Mounting a TV: Team Sport or One Man Job?

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Everything You Need to Know About Mounting a TV in a Corner

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Smart Home Solutions: Protect Your Amazon Echo with SANUS Bumper Guards [VIDEO]

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TV Emergency: Solutions for a Lost TV Base

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"TV Emergency" may sound like a reality TV show with some pretty boring plot lines, but these are some real TV emergencies:

Room Renovation Ideas: Pair Tech With Nature-Inspired Design [VIDEO]

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Getting Started With Wireless Multi-Room Home Audio [VIDEO]

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When You Mount a TV, Where Do the Components Go?

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Mounting your TV on the wall is a great idea. But it can inspire many questions. After all, your TV isn’t a stand-alone device. There’s still the...