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How to Decorate Around Your TV with Floating Shelves

Posted by SANUS on April 15, 2019

Adding floating shelves around your TV is a great way to balance the role your TV plays in your overall décor. Floating shelves help draw your TV...

How to Mount a TV: A Step-by-Step Guide [VIDEO]

Posted by SANUS on February 22, 2019

Whether you recently bought a sleek, new flat-screen TV, or you want to finally get rid of that clunky media cabinet, mounting your TV is a quick...

Where to Put Your TV in an Open Concept Floor Plan

Posted by SANUS on November 20, 2018

If you own an old house, your rooms are probably well-defined. Each one is a separate space, created for some specific type of activity. Newer...

Pros and Cons: TV Mount vs. Entertainment Center

Posted by SANUS on October 15, 2018

If you recently bought a new TV you may be asking yourself the question: Should I get a new entertainment center or mount my TV? Each option has...

Can Any TV Be Wall Mounted? Everything You Need to Know About VESA Patterns

Posted by SANUS on September 6, 2018

You've decided that you want to mount your TV on the wall. So, how do you know which TV mounts will fit your TV? Is it safe to assume they'll all...

How to Find the Right Speaker Stands

Posted by SANUS on August 15, 2018

The main benefit of speaker stands is that they improve your listening experience. Putting space between your speakers and hard surfaces like a...

Living Room TV Ideas: Solutions for Your Top TV Challenges

Posted by SANUS on June 30, 2018

Not all living rooms were designed with the TV in mind, which is a challenge, because more often than not, the living room is a space that...

Where to Put the TV When You Have a Fireplace

Posted by SANUS on May 18, 2018

TV placement in relation to the fireplace is, believe or not, a hotly debated topic. We especially see this in the comments on our Facebook posts...

Why Your TV Wall Is Practically Made for the Dark Wall Trend

Posted by SANUS on April 22, 2018

If you’ve been on Pinterest at all lately, you know that dark walls are in. Nothing can transform a room quicker or cheaper than a few coats of...