Written by SANUS on September 21, 2017

When it comes to home décor and lifestyle trends, we might say you’re one "smart" cookie. You like to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies that will make your life easier. But your smarter home setup doesn’t mean your space becomes more cluttered with high-tech gadgets. In fact, products like the Amazon Echo Dots are smaller but offer the same smart home assistant accessibility.

Your Echo Dot may be fun and helpful for getting the latest news or turning on the lights, but you also want it to be discreet in your home design. Especially if you need to place it out of sight and out of mind from your curious kiddos hands. Did you know you can mount that Echo Dot on the all, just like a TV? It’s easy to do. You can even mount the Dot upside down, perfect for tucking underneath a cabinet.

First, Choose Your Mounting Method

With the SANUS Speaker Mount Designed for the Amazon Echo Dot, you can attach the mount with screws or with 3M adhesive picture hanging strips. Both are included, so you don’t have to decide in advance.

Mounting with Screws

All you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver. The two screws work with drywall or wood, and they don’t require pre-drilling or anchors. Position the base so the channel is aligned for plug insertion, then tighten the screws so they are snug but not over-tight, as that will damage the base.

Mounting with Adhesive Strips

Before applying the strips, lightly clean the dot mount surface and wall. Use isopropyl alcohol, not a household cleaner, because cleaning products can leave residues that could affect adhesion. Then follow these steps:

  • Peel off one side of the strip and attach it to the back of the base.
  • Remove the other line and press base against surface and hold firmly for 30 seconds.

Now you’re on your way to a secure home for your Dot! (Note that these strips should not be reused.)

Now add the Echo Dot

Just align the cord with the built in channel and gently press the Dot into the mount. Easy peasy.

What If You Need to Remove the Device or the Mount?

If you need to remove the device at some point in the future – perhaps for an upgrade – hold the base firmly with one hand and gently “rock” the Dot away from the base.

You can remove the base itself by removing the screws or by lifting up from the bottom and pulling very slowly downward on the adhesive strip.

The Next Smart Step

Now that you’ve mounted your Echo Dot and your TV on the wall, perhaps it’s time to really streamline your space by cutting the cord altogether. This video explains what you’ll need if you want to replace your cable box with a streaming device.

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