Written by Victoria Francisco on January 10, 2017

Movie night is a great way to gather the family and enjoy a fun and relaxing night in. We all know that movies are faster to release to DVD and Netflix, so host a movie night at home.


Selecting a Movie and Theme

Trade off who picks the movie and then build a theme for the evening based around the movie they choose. For instance, if the movie of choice is Field of Dreams, serve peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs and other ballpark favorites! Or for a Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie night, create a candy bar perfect for any sweet tooth. Whatever the theme, have fun with it and let it play out throughout the night!

Create a Theater-like Experience

Create a set-up for your space that mimics the real theater as closely as possible. One way to easily do this is to mount your TV to the wall. With a SANUS full-motion mount, you can pull, tilt, and swivel the TV toward your audience and ensure that everyone has the best seat in the house!

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