Written by SANUS on November 16, 2016

It’s been a hard day at work, but now it’s time to kick back, relax and watch some weeknight football. All of your friends are coming over to watch the big game. What’s the number one most important thing? Food. Check out the SANUS Pinterest Board for some quick and easy recipes to help make your game night the best it can be! 


But food isn’t the only thing that matters . . . you also need to worry about your home set up. You have a house full of friends and couches everywhere, so you want to be certain that everyone can view your TV from the best seat in the room. No one wants to miss that third long, crazy catch.  With the SANUS full motion mount, you can easily swivel your TV in any direction so your guests can watch from any seat in the room.

You also want to make sure that everyone can hear what’s going on during the game as well. The SANUS sound bar mount attaches directly to the back of the TV allowing a soundbar to hang right below the TV. The sound travels with the TV as you move the full motion mount.

Now all your guests can hear and see what’s going on TV for a perfect game night experience. If you want more information on the ultimate football party, visit our Pinterest board.

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