Written by SANUS on November 22, 2016

You are so excited to mount your beautiful big TV on the wall - but did you know that the speakers for a big television are located on the bottom of the TV sending the sound straight into the ground? Not the best sound options for a TV mounted with such a great viewing versatility. This is why a growing number of people are incorporating a soundbar into their media system.


There is a large selection of soundbars available from manufacturers like Sonos, Samsung, LG, Bose, Vizio, and the list goes on. By design, soundbars do a great job of sending the sound out towards you instead of down. Soundbars come with a mount that requires you to drill additional holes into your wall. But with a SANUS soundbar mount, you can attach your soundbar directly below your TV with your TV mount.

As you move your TV around for best viewing angle, you are also moving the sound with it to ensure an optimal sound experience.

Mounting a soundbar in 15 minutes. 

Simply attach each soundbar bracket (there are two soundbar brackets included) underneath the TV wall mount bracket and add a spacer to the top of the mount so everything remains level. Slide the soundbar under the TV to get a snug fit with only the slightest air gap.

The TV looks aesthetically better with the soundbar mounted with it and now you are guaranteed to have awesome sound pointed to wherever you are seated.

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