Written by Lauren Theobald on March 3, 2016

Does it seem like your wall mounted TV stands out, and maybe not in a good way, on what seems like a naked wall? Or maybe you are wavering on whether or not to wall mount your TV for this reason? A creative and DIY-friendly project to upgrade your unadorned TV wall is by creating a gallery wall and including the TV. With no rules or boundaries, the possibilities are endless. Some may consider it an intimidating project, especially when incorporating a television and hiding those pesky cables. We assure you, decorating around a flat screen tv isn't a difficult undertaking if you use the tips below to kick-off this fun DIY project. 

To Create a Gallery Wall With a Wall Mounted TV, You'll Need: 

  • Frames, artwork, photos, mirrors, or other 'finds'
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Craft Paper or old paper grocery bags
  • Something you can take pictures with  -  camera, phone, or tablet

To wall mount your TV you'll need (in addition to the above items): electric drill, stud finder, level, applicable drill bits (check your manual), socket wrench, and a screwdriver


Design a TV Gallery Wall

First, mount the TV using a SANUS wall mount to create a sleek, seamless look. SANUS offers three mount types so you can either extend and swivel your TV up to 90 degrees, tilt your TV to eliminate glare, or highlight the slimness of the TV by holding it in a fixed-position. The size of the wall and television will determine how many pieces of art can be installed, one to three is balanced -- too many pieces can be distracting when the TV is on.

Don't Be Afraid to Hang the Pictures

Don't try to line everything up, be creative. When working with framed art, it's very easy to start over thinking. Hanging art is not a science, it's a sculpture -- the collection should grow without limitations.

Stagger the frames and hang everything 1"" to 1 1/2"" apart, to create a cohesive collection

Create visual balance through the weight of the images -- a color photo has more visual weight than a black and white, whereas negative space weighs less

The fool-proof way to 'play with shapes' is by outlining your frames on craft paper or grocery bags, cutting them out, and taking pictures to find your favorite. Check out this awesome tutorial on how to use paper templates to create a wall-to-wall frame gallery.

No Need for a Theme

A theme is not necessary. Walls are the display cases of our lives, let life live all over them in beautiful vignettes. Hang a wedding photo next to a photo of your grandmother, it helps tell the story of life. Mix high and low pieces with artwork and photos to make a bold personal statement.

Odd Numbers Work Best

When working with framed art, objects, or anything else comprising a gallery wall, think in odd numbers. Because the eye subconsciously searches for the center, the triptych has been used in art for centuries. Balance vignettes in odd numbered groupings, working with a TV as the center.

TV Wall Decor Ideas 

Objects and accessories without frames help make a gallery wall appear less boxy. Antique keys, small ornaments, family sentiments -- things with meaning and stories make the best wall accessories. Explore old treasures and closets for a beautiful piece to turn into a powerful statement.

At the Center of Your TV Wall Decor

All SANUS mounts are engineered with top industry technologies and tested to UL2442 standards, which impose rigorous safety requirements. SANUS TV wall mounts are the #1 TV wall mount in the US and are available at Best Buy, Costco, Target and Walmart stores, specialty audio and video retailers nationwide and on our website

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