Written by SANUS on January 24, 2017

Not everyone has a living room or TV room large enough to accommodate a full-size entertainment center. For that matter, if you’re a true mediaphile, not every entertainment center is big enough – or properly configured – to house all your electronic gear plus other TV accessories. 

Meanwhile, the more equipment you acquire, the more remote control devices you have to deal with. The bigger your fleet of remotes, the harder it is to grab the right one. And if you’re like most people, you tend to set the remote down and forget where. It’s so frustrating when you can’t put your hands on the one you need right away. You need to get organized.

Here are 6 small room storage ideas for your TV accessories. 

  • Make a shelf rack to hold your remotes. Better yet, install SANUS single- or double-shelf wall-mounts to lift components and TV accessories off tabletops or other surfaces. You can even house them right under your wall-mounted TV.
  • Switch to a storage coffee table. Or an end table with drawers. These are great space-savers, and you can house your remotes inside, out of sight but close at hand.
  • Use a remote rack that “captures” remotes with Velcro. You can buy one, or make your own. Better yet, use Velcro strips to attach remotes to the underside of your coffee table – once again, out of sight but easy to find.
  • Use a universal remote control. Better yet, go higher-tech with the new Audiosensor that turns your coffee table into an AV controller.

  • Do something with all those DVDs, too. You could build narrow shelves to house them, or put movie slips or DVD holders inside a drawer (or your storage coffee table).

  • Consider moving to the cloudStreaming devices, smart TVs, and online storage for movies and music definitely free up space in a small living room. You could even install a streaming device panel to the back of the TV to hold devices like Roku and Apple TVs, keeping them out of sight and making your space more organized. 

While you’re getting organized, there is one more thing you should add to your collection of TV accessories – the SANUS ELM101 complete screen care system. After all, if you’ve invested in the latest high-def, you want to enjoy all those extra pixels. Regular, gentle cleaning ensures you always see the ultimate in viewing quality.

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