Written by SANUS on November 23, 2016

TV Swivel Base

You're looking for a big, new TV — or maybe you just bought one — and now you're trying to figure out where in your room to put it.  One of the great benefits of modern flatscreen TVs is that you can hang them on the wall and get such great benefits in so many places.

If mounting isn’t an option for you, a TV swivel base is a perfect alternate solution as you get many of the benefits of mounting your TV in the form of a TV base.


7 Times a TV Swivel Base is Your Best Option

1. You need your TV to swivel.

Say no more. The SANUS BSTV1-B1 Swivel TV Base swivels up to 20° left and right, so you can get that perfect view of your TV from any seat in your room.

2. You have a soundbar and it won't fit below your TV on it's current stand.

Have no fear, the SANUS BSTV1-B1 Swivel TV Base can be adjusted up to 8” to accommodate soundbars, soundbases, and other components below the TV without getting in front of the picture.

3. You're worried your TV isn't safe from tip-overs. 

The thin stand that comes with your TV may not provide the amount of stability you're looking for. The swivel TV base adds not only versatility but stability as well – reducing the likelihood of a TV tip-overs.

4. You've lost your original TV base and need a replacement.

This is more common than you think. Maybe you had had the TV wall-mounted and then moved. Or, maybe you were given a TV as a gift or you purchased an open-box TV and never had a TV stand to start with.

5. You're renting and can't mount. 

Wall mounts are great, but if you’re unable to mount to your walls, you can enjoy up to a 20° swivel left and right without breaking any rules.

6. You have a Curved TV.

Curved TVs create an immersive viewing experience when you’re centered in front of the TV, but when viewing a Curved TV from an off-center angle, the picture can appear distorted. The swivel of the Swivel TV Base makes it possible to be in the center of your Curved TV regardless of where in the room you are sitting, which ensures you are always having the best viewing experience.

7. You don't have a drill or aren't a "handy" person.

Why borrow tools or ask for a favor when there's an excellent option you can easily "install" on your own? If you have 10 minutes and a Phillips screwdriver, you can do this!

PRO TIP: The SANUS BSTV1-B1 Swivel TV Base, available at Best Buy, lets you enjoy a great picture from anywhere in a room. You can swivel your TV up to 20° left and right with a stable footprint that is perfect for furniture with shallow depth. And it can be raised and lowered up to 8” to accommodate soundbars, soundbases, and other components below the TV for that perfect floating look.

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