Written by SANUS on November 8, 2016

So many homes today offer a very functional living space, where furniture can be moved around to accommodate new styles and additional people. So how does your television fit into your space when you have viewing limitations?


 Full Motion Mount

If you are throwing a viewing party, or have a big group of people in your home, a Full Motion TV mount let’s you get it right. This mount allows you to pull the TV away from the wall and pivot to get the perfect angle for your audience.

Corners are tricky, but people like to put their TV there to save space and avoid windows. A Full Motion Corner mount enables you to pull away the TV from the wall and angle it to eliminate glare. 

Tilt Mount

What if you are a gamer, or use your television to workout? For any time you have unique sight lines, the tilt mount is your best option. This is also a great mount for displaying your TV above the fireplace like a piece of art.

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