Written by SANUS on November 4, 2016

The more functional your living area, the more questions you'll have on where to mount your TV. Here are some ways to help determine the best solution for your room.



Find the Perfect Mount for Your TVPutting a TV in a Corner

SOLUTION: Full-motion mounts allow you to save space by putting a tv in a corner. 

You can install the wall plate mounting bracket on either side of the corner, then use the articulating arm to tilt and swivel the TV into position — avoiding glare from windows and adjusting it to the optimum viewing angle. 

Hanging a TV Above a Fireplace

SOLUTION: It's common to hang a TV above the fireplace like a piece of artwork, which poses a problem: it's above eye level, which isn't ideal. Solve the problem by using a tilting mount, which will allow you to tilt the TV downward better aligning it with your natural viewing angle. 

For unique sightlines like a gaming room or a workout room, the tilting mount might also be the best option.


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