Written by Mark Plummer on December 7, 2016

The time of year is upon us to begin brainstorming the perfect holiday gifts for our family and friends. But what do you get for the hard to shop for techie in your life? Here are our suggestions for this seasons must have technology gifts.



Amazon Echo

For those looking for a smarter home, or even someone to talk to, we recommend the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Speakers. The speakers come with the power of “Alexa” - Amazon’s virtual voicing system which can answer your simple questions, allow you to listen to your favorite music, hear the weather or news and even control other aspects of your smart phone.

Sonos Wireless Speaker System

If you are looking for an updated audio experience, we recommend the Sonos Wireless Speaker System. Sonos Speakers are easy to setup and control from your smart phone. They are a great distributed audio solution, and even an awesome option for a 5.1 surround sound system.

Apple TV and Roku

For a streaming content device, we suggest the new Apple TV or new line of Roku Streaming Players. These devices are updated for 4k content that allows you to really take advantage of binge watching opportunities and your Netflix subscription.

4K TVs with HDR

For those looking for the updated, ultra high def experience, we propose checking out 4k TVs with HDR. HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” This means you are not only getting ultra HD picture, but also improved color contrast ratios and a wider color range. Darker darks, brighter brights, and an overall better better color and picture viewing experience.

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