Written by SANUS on January 6, 2017

Every year, the electronic home becomes a greater part of our lives. The innovations just keep coming. We are more efficient and better entertained. On average, American households served by broadband already own eight mobile, computing, and/or entertainment devices and two home devices, all connected to the internet.

As we enter a new year, one thing is clear: the Internet of Things (IoT) will include many more things to augment our at-home lifestyle. So what is 2017 likely to bring in the way of new innovations for our electronic home? Here are just a few of the electronics trends you might see.


The smart electronic home will rely on voice-controlled devices. But how will this prediction (or its implementation) be affected by recent news stories that have raised in-home privacy questions?

Virtual Goes Social

Augmented and virtual reality continue to gain popularity. Will you be the first to host a VR or AR social gathering in your electronic home?

TVs Look Sharper Than Ever

4K resolution – with quadruple the pixels of a standard 1080p TV – is becoming the new standard. Industry experts predict you’ll be able to upgrade without paying a lot more. And organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) technology will remain the top choice. LG may even introduce a new “wallpaper” TV.

On the other hand, 3D is no longer trending. Don’t expect new TVs to offer it. The once-hot curved screens may lose favor, too, replaced by bendable or modular screens. Your new TV might also have an unfamiliar Chinese name. Whatever you choose, how you mount it in your home can enhance its versatility and convenience. For that matter, you may want to rethink your entire living room arrangement.

Internet Video Expands Viewing Choices

A report from Parks Associates says 63 million American households subscribe to some type of internet-delivered video service. Experts predict this trend will continue to grow.

A Holistic Approach to Health and Welfare

Thanks to broad-scope technology advances and virtually universal connectivity, our homes are becoming “smart eco-systems.”

As such, the electronic home will protect as well as entertain us. In their report, Parks Associates also noted that more than a third of American consumers already own a connected health device. Growing use of these devices will spur further integration of healthcare services with smart electronic homes.

Using electronics to protect the home itself will become more prevalent, too. The smart home will offer broader security features and also efficiently manage energy usage.

In Other Words, There’s Something for Everyone

Whether your goal is to stay on the cutting edge or simply keep up with the latest technology, 2017 definitely has much to offer for your electronic home.

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