Written by Lauren Theobald on April 6, 2016

Spring is upon us, which means it's time to spruce up, clean up, and get your house in order.  So open those windows, breathe in the smell of a fresh start, and rid yourself of the clutter that has been getting you down all winter.

Take Back Your Space

When taking back your space, it's important to remember that undertaking a big change in the look and feel of your room doesn't require a massive renovation.  Simple updates like adding, removing or rearranging a few pieces of furniture can transform your home's overall style and safety, as well as increase space. This is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to your entertainment system and AV equipment.  For instance, by mounting your TV with SANUS, your flat-panel is now up on the wall, at the appropriate eyelevel for TV viewing, and you can say goodbye to that outdated furniture piece. This simple task makes room for endless design possibilities.

Here Comes the Sun

With spring comes sun, which also means TV glare.  If windows are getting in the way of your interior design layout, mount your TV with a full-motion mount to achieve perfect viewing from any seat in the room, no glare included.  SANUS mounts enable you to welcome natural light to your space without sacrificing your floor plan or viewing experience.

Maximize Your Kitchen

Kitchens are known for having the highest foot traffic of any room in the home.  Yet, there is no need to sacrifice elegance, nor functionality when updating this space.  Ever think about incorporating electronics into the kitchen?  Mounting a small flat screen TV allows for easy viewing while preparing meals, following recipes, and paying attention to the news at the beginning and the end of your day.  Plus it maximizes counter space for cooking, helping with homework and more!

No More Clutter

Remember, one of the primary goals of your spring cleaning is to de-clutter.  While surrounding furnishings are sure to add sophistication and style to a space, clutter is never a good look.  Reduce complexities, especially near and around the TV, so that the viewer is not distracted when viewing his/her favorite show.  Use lighter colors, patterns, along with mirrors to create a space with a more open feel.  If your aesthetic calls for less focus on your media system, place art, personal photos or shelving around your mounted TV to blend with the existing wall decor.  As a result, the TV becomes less of a focal point and instead more like a piece of art itself.

For any room layout and design preference, SANUS has a solution for perfect placement of your TV.  We have a complete line of mounts including full-motion, tilting, and fixed position.  You can find more information about each type of TV wall mount at shop.sanus.com. Remember these spring cleaning tips for a season full of productivity, style and safety!  For more ways to make your space safe and stylish this spring, check out our "Reimagine Your Space for Spring" Pinterest board.  

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