Written by Lauren Theobald on July 27, 2016

If you have children or frequently have visitors with kids then you already know how important it is to childproof your home making it safe for them. We all know about putting baby gates near stairs, adding locks to drawers/cupboards, and plugging power outlets with covers, but there is a new safety issue that needs to be addressed: securing your flat-panel TVs.

The Problem: TV Tip-Overs

Unfortunately, injuries to children from TV instability increased by 31% in the last ten years. Those old CRT TVs are extremely heavy and even on the floor could tip and pin down a child or pet if in an accessible area. Many people think that because new flat-panel TVs are lighter that they aren't as much of a risk, but that just isn't true. Flat-panel TVs may be lighter than CRT TVs, but are substantially larger, more awkward, and can easily be tipped over, all it takes is one curious child. Sadly, a child is killed every three weeks due to a TV tip-over.

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How to Prevent TV Tip-Overs

The best solution for avoiding TV tip-overs is using a TV wall mount. If you prefer to have your TV on a piece of furniture we recommend using a safety strap (SANUS ELM701) connected to the back of your TV and the wall. We also suggest using a safety strap to connect the actual piece of furniture to the wall as well. 215 deaths reported from TV tip-overs? That's scary. The good news? To this day, there has never been a known fatality involving a mounted flat-panel TV. Now that we have safely (and easily) mounted our TV, we need to address cables and cords hanging from your mounted TV. Kids and pets are curious, and may be tempted to tug on and play with these cables. In my home I used an on-wall cable management system to conceal my cords reducing the chance of my kids or pets messing with them.

SANUS makes it easy to mount your TV with a three-step installation and videos to walk you through the process online. This comprehensive safety checklist for mounting your TV in your home is a must read. Find your perfect mount from the #1 TV mount brand in the US.

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